kind words from Renee

Jan 18, 2011 by Stephanie Category: Testimonial 0 comments

Working to my highest level, rather than doubting my own abilities. SDK Pilates. I can’t begin to say how much I love attending classes at SDK Pilates!!!! Brenda and Stephanie are so encouraging. They get me to work at my highest level, even though I may doubt my own abilities. I’ve been using muscles that […]

One Small Step

Post Surgery Progress I have been at therapy at Union Memorial (Bel Air Athletic Club) for two weeks now. When I think back to the first day there I realize the little I was able to do then as compared to what I accomplished today. My first time on the stationary bike was last Wednesday […]

Words, Exercise, Skype, Time, Sleep, Eat, Football, Ryder Cup

Post Surgery Update from Bill I have been home one week and the above items have kept me busy when I’m not exercising or icing my knees. It’s a good thing that all of them are available because otherwise I would be a nut case. Even though I tried to increase my range of motion […]

Beginning of a Brand New Day

Heading Home from the Hospital ~ An Update from Bill Sunday wasn’t just game day, it was I get to go home day. I was ecstatic to be going home so I wasn’t about to complain that morning in the hospital. This was the first time in my life I had had any narcotic in […]

No Matter How Many Things They Do – It Ain’t Like Home

Post Knee Surgery Updates I’m writing this from my room two days after the first knee replacement. I have had four therapy sessions so far and can now bend my knee at 79 degrees while sitting in a chair. I can walk comfortably with a walker and am ready to start on climbing stairs if […]

Sometimes you’re the windshield – Sometimes you’re the bug

Update from Bill I was ready to have my knees replaced in four weeks and figured I would do private Pilates with Stephanie & Brenda in order to really get my knees ready but then I went to throw away some items at the dump and picked up more than I should have or lifted […]

Bill’s Tale of Two Knees

Long Struggle with Knee Problems I have had knee problems almost all of my adult life. I think I was seventeen when I first injured my right knee playing soccer. After six weeks of non activity I went back to playing and probably made it much worse. I think the first injury was a slight […]