kind words from Jill

Here’s a nice review from one of our clients…

When I found LNK (about 14 months ago), I had been looking for a Pilates studio for over a year. I could only find gyms in the Baltimore area that offered inconveniently-timed classes and Yoga studios that offered 1-2 mat classes a week (no Reformer machines). LNK does Pilates and they do it exceptionally well. I recently developed joint pain preventing me from fully engaging in other forms of exercise I used to do weekly. Pilates is completely adaptable and the LNK instructors are adept at modifying the exercises on the fly during classes. I have always enjoyed various forms of exercise, butPilates is now my favorite. Pilates works all of your muscles (including some you didn’t even know you had) and improves flexibility and balance. If I am in pain, I know the exercise can be modified and I will still benefit physically. If I want to add cardio, jump board classes are available. If I am tight on time, I know I can walk in the class without preparation and a thoughtful, thorough and balanced exercise plan is ready for me. The courses are timely, diverse and well-organized. I can’t say enough for the instructors – they are top-notch. LNK continues to exceed my expectations and a year later I still take two classes a week.

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