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Update from Bill

I was ready to have my knees replaced in four weeks and figured I would do private Pilates with Stephanie & Brenda in order to really get my knees ready but then I went to throw away some items at the dump and picked up more than I should have or lifted it too high. Regardless, I now have a hernia and am really in a quandary over having it repaired first or doing the knees first.

I got lucky and saw a surgeon who agreed to do the hernia in the next week so I decided to do that first and rely on my prior conditioning to have my knees ready. It was amazing to me how difficult it was to arrange. I guess I always lived in a sheltered world where either my mother or my wife took care of me. I made an appointment with the doctor who did my colonoscopy but she didn’t do hernia surgery. She sent me to another doctor who was on vacation but I got lucky when a second doctor in his office agreed to see me that day. Then I needed a pre-operation physical. Lucky again because that was scheduled for the knees so I was able to use it for both.

My Orthopedic Therapist was impressed with my physical condition.

In the interim, I went to the pre operative physical therapist recommended by Towson Orthopedics to see what they might recommend for my knees. The therapist was impressed with my physical condition and gave me a number of exercises. He said he would not need to see me again. He told me that was pretty rare since most of his patients were out of shape and overweight. I also went to the St. Josephs hospital joint replacement class and saw for myself that most of the other people there were as he described. The exercises he gave me were all the same muscles that Stephanie & Brenda had worked on with me in Pilates. They involved balance and range of motion and in some cases strength.

My core conditioning is the reason I am feeling this good.

I had the hernia surgery August 31st and would have bet (considering how I felt) the next morning that I wouldn’t go through with my knee surgery later this month. Now it is two weeks later and I feel really good about my decision to do this first and I’m ready for tomorrow. I think my core conditioning was the reason this is feeling so much better now. Core conditioning was one of the key components in my preparation for my knees. I have to credit Pilates for that – as I said in my first posting, I never in my entire life made any attempt to improve my core muscles. I don’t think I knew where the oblique muscles were much less what they were. I hope I can maintain what I have while rehabbing my hernia.

I’m still looking forward to having my knees done. I’ll be sending my next edition from the hospital probably after both knees are done but maybe after the first if I’m feeling human.

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