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Post Knee Surgery Updates

I’m writing this from my room two days after the first knee replacement. I have had four therapy sessions so far and can now bend my knee at 79 degrees while sitting in a chair. I can walk comfortably with a walker and am ready to start on climbing stairs if I were not having the second knee done tomorrow morning. Today is Wednesday and I’ll be doing stairs by Sunday when I am scheduled to go home.

I can’t thank Pilates enough for the condition I am in as it relates to my ability to now recover from these surgeries. My knee is swollen and the muscles around it are very sore but I’m able to get a lot of movement that others here are not experiencing. That is a direct credit to the condition I was in when I got here. The therapist has me doing things which require strength in my abductors and adductors, my gluteus, abdomen, quads and hamstrings. Since those muscles started in good condition they are really helping with this first knee.

It is now Saturday morning. I had the left knee done Thursday morning at 7:30 and was back in my room by 11 A.M. I didn’t have any knee pain at all for either knee until later in the day. I was attached to a P.C.M.(passive continuous motion) machine for two hours each day starting with the day of surgery.

Each day the amount that this machine is attached, the amount of flexion is increased. I had real pain in the left knee after my two hours on Thursday evening. I took the pain medication and that got me back to normal.

It is now time for my last three rehab sessions here at the hospital. I am honored to have my wife as a guest this afternoon when we learn about getting in and out of the car and up and down the steps. I’m always happy when she visits!!

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