Beginning of a Brand New Day

Heading Home from the Hospital ~ An Update from Bill

Sunday wasn’t just game day, it was I get to go home day. I was ecstatic to be going home so I wasn’t about to complain that morning in the hospital. This was the first time in my life I had had any narcotic in my system and was realizing what everyone had been telling me about how that could destroy regularity. I also never had that problem so I didn’t know how to address it. Thankfully, a phone call to Dave K. solved that problem with some simple drug store solutions he suggested. (I guess I’ll have to give him a stroke for that next time we play golf). I thought the hospital should have taken care of that before I left.

Regardless, I was now home, the Ravens had somehow managed to win while playing poorly and I had to prepare for at home therapy. The first thing they gave me permission to do was take a shower if both incisions were wrapped in the covering that is like Saran wrapped. That done, hair washed and a shower taken, I thought it was a brand new day.
I then did the workout the physical therapist had given me at the hospital which consisted of about six exercises that were designed to help me with the flex of my knee and with the straightening of my knee. In the middle of August, I had complained to Stephanie that I was unable to make my left knee totally flat or straight and that my right knee took effort to flatten or straighten. She had given me exercises with the foam roll under my hip where I would roll on the foam roll to flatten the muscle that runs from the knee to the hip thus allowing the knee to straighten. I have to find a way of pushing myself when I don’t work on things hard enough. This time it has cost me about 40 hours of sleep – at least that is what it feels like.

The only painful thing I have now is trying to sleep.

My right knee will straighten to 1oo% but my left knee (when I got home) was at 7% and as of today (Friday Oct 1) I have gotten it to 3%. The therapist has added two more exercises specifically to work on this. The reason it is important is that the only real comfortable position to sleep is on my back and to do that both knees have to be straight otherwise that 3% causes about a #4 on the pain register.

The last thing I want to say about my hospital stay and finally getting home is that I finally am starting to realize how important certain words are. Thank you and please have a new meaning or I guess a new and real sincerity when you hear them from me. I hope this sticks in my mind.

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