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Post Surgery Update from Bill

I have been home one week and the above items have kept me busy when I’m not exercising or icing my knees. It’s a good thing that all of them are available because otherwise I would be a nut case. Even though I tried to increase my range of motion last week, I lost 9 degrees on both knees. The therapist thinks maybe there was some anesthesia still in me at the hospital as well as pain medicine. I took two pills before each session there and only one here and I don’t intend to change since they make me goofy and make me dream strange dreams. My legs retained a lot of fluid also (I gained about 12 pounds from the day before surgery to the day I got home) and am now starting to return to form so each day gets a little less stiff.

I walked for the first time with just a cane this week also.

Stephanie has a lot of work to do when I get back because I felt like a toddler as far as balance was concerned. I don’t know which was scarier, looking down a flight of stairs or walking the first time with that cane. After the first few times I went to Pilates until before the surgery, my balance was the best it was in my lifetime and I intend to get that back. Using a walker has kept some of my upper body strength also.

I keep looking for anyone who uses SKYPE because then I feel a connection to the outside world. I don’t get to go outside until next week. This week I talked to people in Philadelphia, Knoxville, Orlando, and Shanghai. I still can’t figure out how it works for free but I’m not complaining.

Getting into a routine

I have started a routine of breakfast, walk the floor, ice my knees and take a pain pill, then exercise. I do two sets of all the exercises then ice my knees again. I do a reverse of that before dinner so that exercise is done for the day before dinner. I ice my knees for 20 minutes an hour the rest of the evening. During the day I try to get up and walk the floor for 10 to 20 minutes each hour. I’m hoping I can be in relatively good shape after rehab to start with some simple Pilates by early November.

Stephanie loaned me a very good book a few months ago on knee care to prevent injury and to rehab after injury. It pointed out that pool therapy may be the best for rehab so I have elected to take the therapy at Union Memorial (Bel Air Athletic Club) since they do their therapy using the pool as well as traditional therapy. Home therapy ends Friday and the new therapy starts Monday. I’ll let you know how that goes next week!!

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