One Small Step

Post Surgery Progress

I have been at therapy at Union Memorial (Bel Air Athletic Club) for two weeks now. When I think back to the first day there I realize the little I was able to do then as compared to what I accomplished today. My first time on the stationary bike was last Wednesday and all I could do was rock the pedals back and forth – today they went all the way around for ten minutes. Speed was definitely not a factor!

In addition to that, last Friday I climbed the stairs with one foot to each step rather than one step at a time. I also was able to descend with one foot per step. I never would have guessed that I would look at that as an accomplishment in my lifetime but it was. I keep hearing from Carol (best nurse EVER!) that the patient needs to have patience and I know she is correct.

I agree that I need to have patience but I also need to set realistic goals and meet or exceed them if I want to stay on a course of full recovery. The good thing for now is that I keep these goals to myself and seem to be achieving them on a daily basis. Verbalizing the goals and not achieving them may cause me to overdo it. I also require myself to do the exercises prescribed from therapy three times per day in order to have the opportunity to reach those goals.

Knew flexibility is great.

My knee flexion is now 106 degrees for both knees and both knees can now straighten completely. I am one happy sleeper because of that. I still don’t sleep very well but I do get at least two hours at a time during the night. I probably get 6 or 7 hours of sleep each night and that is enough for me. I haven’t had a pain pill for 15 days now – another plus in my opinion. I have lost 18 pounds from the day I got out of the hospital. That sounds like a lot but it is only 5 pounds from the day I went into the hospital. My calves are shrunken to little sticks from what they looked like all my life or at least since I was 12 years old(that must be where the 5 pounds disappeared from because my nurse keeps feeding me like I just got off a deserted island).

My biggest goal is to be back in Pilates for private lessons by the middle of November. I think we can work on balance and upper body strength but I’ll leave that up to Stephanie. I still would like to hit a golf ball by the middle of November but I don’t think that is realistic. I’ll let you know how those wish list items go!

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