kind words from Heather

Jan 18, 2011 by Stephanie Category: Testimonial 0 comments

Strongly Recommend SDK Pilates

I would strongly recommend this studio (and constantly do) to anyone who is interested in getting in shape and is ready to put the work into their body to get results. SDK Pilates does not offer you a “magic solution” to getting fit, but rather they teach you how to work hard and work the right muscles, with tons of encouragement and guidance along the way. Not to mention they both are very great at what they do and safety is always first!

I have been to many different exercise classes and pilates classes over the last several years to build “core strength” but I did not know what that truly meant until I started coming to classes twice a week at SDK Pilates. At 16 I had a bad injury and fractured my neck and had a spinal fusion, so ever since it has been important for me to stay active and to keep my core muscles strong to help reduce pain and discomfort. Brenda and Stephanie have both been amazing at helping me with this. They have educated me on why it is important and always modify an exercise for me if it is something that could hurt my neck or bother my injury further. I have to say that once I started at SDK pilates in September 09 I stopped looking around all the time for workout classes and have stuck with going to their studio, and I have muscles in places I didn’t think I could ever have to show it!!

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