The Power of Food

Dec 11, 2011 by stephanie Category: Clean Eating 0 comments Tags: clean eating, nutrition

The Power of Food ~ One of the great pleasures of life

For many, food is one of the great pleasures of life. We are both fortunate and unfortunate to live in an age where highly palatable food choices are abundant, relatively cheap and within a hand’s grasp most of the time. How many offices and homes have bowls of M&Ms sitting out on countertops screaming to be eaten. It’s no wonder that two thirds of the population is overweight. Food, especially sugar, can be an addictive substance.

The first step in losing weight is to wrestle with your brain and give it something else to satisfy those dopamine receptors-the feel good plug ins we all want to activate. Exercise helps. Moving the body calms and relaxes the brain. Surrounding yourself with other people that want to exercise and maintain healthy eating habits is good motivation to stay on track. Obesity is contagious. Stay away from triggers that cause you to binge or overeat and sometimes that means saying no to friends or family members that use food as rewards.

The holidays are a particularly vulnerable time for gaining weight. The average American gains 10 pounds over the holidays. It takes 36 miles of running or walking to lose a pound or 360 miles to lose your holiday splurge! Aim to keep your weight the same from October 30th through January 1st. Step up your exercise to stay motivated, burn a few extra calories and fight holiday stress.

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