Pilates and Weight Control

How your Pilates practice helps with weight control

Teaches Mindfulness. Think about your eating and exercise habits. Good or bad, habits dictate the foods we eat and the regimens we follow for exercise. The mind is often absent while the body is busy eating. Pilates teaches the connection between the mind and body making it easier to stay in the moment and actually control, rather than ignore, the food you put in your mouth.

Improves Functional Movement. If it hurts to move, most of us move less. Numerous scientific studies have shown the benefit of Pilates in improving performance in all types of chronic diseases from frozen shoulder to arthritis to Parkinson’s disease and many more. If you are an amateur athlete, Pilates helps prevent overuse injuries and keeps you playing your sport longer. Yes you burn calories with Pilates (especially jump board), but more importantly, movement in daily life and recreational activities increases. The more you move, the more calories you burn.

Provides Positive Energy. It takes a lot of effort and energy to change a habit. Surrounding yourself with other individuals that are motivated to change in a healthy way is a good start. Individuals that gravitate toward Pilates want to make positive changes in their lives. Unfortunately, people, places and things in our daily routine often function as “triggers” of bad habits. Replace bad triggers with good triggers and start the road to healthier habits.

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