Ten Things to Know About Pilates

1. You don’t need to be in shape to start.

It works for every body. In fact, it’s a great way for individuals with serious physical limitations to get the best out of their exercise program. Pilates runs the gamut of meeting the needs of all individuals from professional athletes (Tiger does it!) to weekend warriors (stay injury free) to those requiring post-rehabilitation (feel better).

2. Your body will thank you.

Pilates makes you feel great and oh by the way you will look better too. A balanced approach to stretching and strengthening leaves your body feeling lighter & longer. Pilates improves your posture and the range of motion around your joints allowing you to move more freely and easily.

3. Say bye-bye to aches and pains.

OK that’s an oversell. Our every day lives set us up for aches and pains. We are bent over a computer or driving a car many hours of the day. We rarely move our shoulders and hips through a full range of motion. The back is the beast of burden for most of us instead of a strong core. Pilates counteracts all these affects and helps relieve the stresses every day life has on your body.

4. Got game-get Pilates.

If you play a sport seriously, Pilates will help keep you in the game. Most sports cause physical stress from repeated motions that aren’t “balanced”. Think golf. You only swing in one direction. Pilates helps lengthen, strengthen & balance opposing muscle groups to prevent overuse injuries.

5. It’s not just for girls.

Yes we get it. Walking into a Studio with a bunch of spandex clad ladies working on strange equipment can be daunting. Pretty much how we girls feel in the weight room the first time. But getting strong feels good. So does Pilates. You can always do private appointments to get started.

6. You work up a sweat.

Not buckets and it isn’t like a Spin class but you feel like you have had a work out by the end. Pilates exercises run from beginner to advanced. If you like “power”, work your way to more advanced exercises.

7. It’s perfect for small groups.

One of the hot trends in exercise is small group training. Because of the complexity of Pilates equipment, classes are generally small (4-6). Instructors can give you personal attention to correct your form or provide modifications when necessary.

8. Good Instructors are hard to find.

Quality Pilates training is lengthy, somewhat expensive and in-depth. A working knowledge of anatomy is required. Look for Instructors that are certified by reputable organizations.

9. Strengthens core and more.

Pilates works the whole body. The “core”-shoulder girdle, hip girdle and abdominals-are targeted but Pilates includes resistance training for the extremities as well. Low load exercises focus on small support muscles like the rotator cuff; high load exercises work the large muscle groups.

10. You still need cardio.

Pilates should be part of a well-balanced wellness program that includes a MindBody component, cardiovascular exercise, strength training and nutrition.

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