Balancing the Energetic Body – Chakra Scan

Knowing when Balancing the Energetic Body is necessary.

Most of us can intuitively feel when we are a little off. Maybe we are short tempered and irritable. Perhaps we are flighty or impulsive and can’t settle down to get anything completed. Maybe we sit too much, eat too much and sleep too much. We just don’t feel balanced in life and our vitality suffers.

In Western cultures, we pay scant attention to the energetic body. Many people would be at a loss to even define the term must less acknowledge its’ importance. I think of it as a mass of consciousness based on electromagnetic properties that harbor our thoughts, emotions, opinions and judgments.

Language of the Energetic Body

Like anatomy for the physical body, the energetic body has its own language. This then can provide a framework for diagnosis and treatment to heal our emotional selves and create a more rewarding life.

The Chakra system (among others) provides such a framework. Defined as energy centers running up the spine from the base of the pelvis to the crown of the head, each of the seven chakra is associated with a neurological hot-stop in the physical body and specific emotional and psychosocial issues in the energetic body.

Let’s scan the chakras.

The First Chakra

Start with the root chakra located in the base of the spine. Imbalances relate to issues of survival, safety and security. At the most extreme are those living in a violent space that fear for their very existence. Issues of having enough money, food, or shelter fall under the energy of the root chakra. A healthy first chakra shows sufficient willpower and resourcefulness to manage during difficult times.

The Second Chakra

The second chakra is located below the navel and pertains to our ability to have fun in life and feel connected to others. Look at the quality of your relationships – how attached you are to a relationship outcome. Are there unhealthy relationships that no longer serve you. Can you find pleasure in life, take appropriate risks and enjoy healthy sexual relationships. Passion for life and love depict healthy second chakra traits.

The Third Chakra

The solar plexus or third chakra relate to issues of self-confidence, personal power and self-esteem. How readily can we exercise self-compassion and silence the nagging inner critic. Do we feel in charge of our own lives and feel free to make choices that work for own well-being. Cultivation of inner peace, conviction and integrity depict healthy third chakra traits.

The Fourth Chakra

The heart chakra relates to issues of loving and being loved. Out of balance third chakra results in anger, jealousy, bitterness, abandonment and loneliness. Do we live in harmony with the world around us and express gratitude for the beauty inherent to the earth. Kindness, respect and compassion depict healthy heart chakra traits.

The Fifth Chakra

The throat chakra relates to our ability to communicate effectively. To know when and how to speak the truth and to know we have the ability to transcend familial or community beliefs. Can we communicate our feelings freely and live a life consistent with our heartfelt desires. Seeking knowledge that is true represents a balanced throat chakra.

The Sixth Chakra

The third eye chakra is located at the brow. Energy from the third eye allows us to think clear thoughts, to have the capacity for self-reflection and to contemplate spiritual gifts. Imbalances are characterized by distorted perceptions, inability to distinguish truth from illusion and lack of introspection. Healthy third eye chakra traits are the ability to receive wisdom and insight.

The Seventh Chakra

The crown chakra is responsible for spiritual mysticism that allows selfless realization that we are all connected at a fundamental level. Remaining overly attached to worldly concerns and lacking spiritual guidance characterize crown chakra imbalances. Opening to the wisdom of the universe imparts peace within.

Problems in areas associated with a chakra reflect “blocks” and do not allow the free flow of energy up and down the spine. Physical, emotional and psychosocial issues can result. Although a very quick examination, any thoughts that came up can be used to delve deeper into the chakra system to balance the energetic body.

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