Stay Balanced through the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing and so may be your emotions. Balancing our emotional state or our energetic body can be particularly challenging at this time of year. Taking lessons from the ancient energetic systems can provide a holistic pathway for soothing your soul during a hectic holiday season.

Most of us are well aware of demon behaviors that emerge when we are stressed and not at our best. Energetic systems define this state as unbalanced. The Doschas (vata, pita & kapha) are constitutional traits – both physical and emotional – with which we were born and cannot change, including over lifetimes if you believe in rebirths.

Each Doscha defines emotional behaviors and physical ailments that occur when out of balance. For instance, a pita dosha may get cranky, irritable and judgmental and be prone to skin eruptions. Vata doscha will get flighty, unfocused, fuzzy thinking and lack the ability to get anything done. Kapha doscha gets sluggish, sleepy and gains weight easily. Understanding your dosha helps to make sense of your response to stress and offers tools for restoring balance.

Taking stock of our chakras is a good first step. Running up the spine, the seven major chakras are energetic portals that connect the physical body with our emotional (energetic) body. Each chakra has its own vibrational energy that corresponds with a specific part of the physical body and specific psychosocial issues in the energetic body.

Because of the inherently disruptive nature of the holidays, the first chakra needs a little extra love and attention.   The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, rules our deepest programming – the need to survive. Once our basic needs are met, the root chakra looks for stability in our day – to – day lives. Events that disrupt the rhythm of our days – even happy events – can cause us to feel ungrounded or a little out of sorts.

The second chakra vibrates in the frequency of relationships. Around the holidays, the noise goes up as we increase our social activities and family get-togethers. Build in some quiet time – a walk on the trail – to dissipate some of the stored energy and take time to nurture your body. Exercise self-compassion and know that everything will be perfect just as it unfolds.

This is a great time to feed your second chakra as it’s oriented toward pleasure and play. Mindfully experience all the decadence the holidays have to offer but keep an eye out for healthy boundaries. Second chakras can demonstrate gremlin like behavior.

First and second chakra issues manifest in the legs and pelvis. Add standing poses and hip openers to your yoga practice to help balance the body.  Most of all, give thanks and gratitude for all we have and hold space for anyone that needs a little healing. Namaste.

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