Equipment Pilates: Five Reasons to Give It a Try

Almost anyone can do it. The configuration of the Pilates equipment (Reformer, Tower, Chair, Cadillac & Barrels) gives you support where you need it and challenges you where you are strong. The repertoire can run the gamut from athletic conditioning of top athletes to restoration of posture and function in de-conditioned individuals. Many modifications are available to accommodate physical limitations or fine tune specific movement patterns.

It whittles your middle. While equipment based Pilates works your whole body, it targets the core. Not just the front abdominals – the so called six pack abs – but more importantly the oblique muscles found at the sides of the waist. They work in a variety of side-bending exercises and twists with varying resistance

Make friends and build community. Reformer based classes are small group and participants get to know each other. Spending time with friends and acquaintances boost spirits and contributes to balancing our emotional state. Add exercise to the equation and you have a winning combination to putting some pep in your step.

Your body will feel better. Pilates works the joints in a comfortable range of motion lengthening and strengthening opposing muscle groups to improve posture and balance. Most of our every day aches and pains are of our own making – we slouch, sit, stare at a computer and spend hours looking at a phone. Over time the body “holds” these positions creating postural stress and stiffness. Chronic low back pain improves markedly.

Improve sports performance and prevent overuse injury. Most sports require repetitive unilateral motions that cause the body to become unbalanced. Soft tissue structures around the joints can become compromised. Pilates helps to strengthen small muscle groups that protect joints and lengthen tight tendons vulnerable to tears.

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