Why Men Need Pilates

If you are stiff in the morning, you need Pilates. The part of the body imparting that wonderful sensation is the fascia and other soft tissues like ligaments and tendons. Like old play-do coming back to life, pilates returns the elasticity and fluidity to these important elements restoring free and graceful movement.

If you suffer from overuse injuries, you need Pilates. Most weekend warriors enjoy sports that engage in repetitive and often unilateral activity. The body needs to be balanced to avoid stress and strain. Pilates uses symmetrical resistance training to lengthen and strengthen opposing muscle groups and ease imbalances.

If you have trouble with activities of daily living, you need Pilates. It’s good to be able to easily get down on the floor or carry luggage with ease or walk briskly up a hill. Building core strength and flexibility is key to maintaining a functional life style

If you want to improve athletic performance, Pilates is for you. Tiger Woods does it – need we say more?

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