Pilates helps chronic low back pain

Pilates for chronic low back pain. If you have a chronic stiff and achy back, it is highly likely that pilates exercise will help. If back pain limits you from playing the sports you love (like golf), pilates exercise will allow you to play harder and longer. If you have a chronic stiff and achy […]

Back Pain and the Multifidus

Physical Therapy for Back Pain If you’ve ever had physical therapy for back pain, you know the “bird dog” exercise. The one where you kneel on all fours and extend opposite arm and leg. A superb exercise and one we use in the Studio frequently to prevent low back pain. One of the muscles targeted […]

Frozen Shoulders and Pilates

When a frozen shoulder occurs. When you hear the words “frozen shoulder”, it’s tempting to think of a shoulder that doesn’t move at all. But the more usual picture is a shoulder with restricted range of motion associated with pain and stiffness. This condition is extremely disabling. In most cases, it is difficult to reach […]

Pilates for Golf Swing Around Your Spine

You have, no doubt, heard the term “swing around your spine”. The term refers to the ability to keep the spine angle steady relative to the ground as the golf club swings around the body.  Pilates is one of the best training techniques to give you the ability to keep your posture during your golf […]

Keep Your Knees Healthy

The Importance of Keeping Your Knees Healthy. We often take our health for granted and ignore early warning signs. The knee is no exception. When you keep your knees healthy allows us to easily get up and down from the floor, maintain balance on uneven surfaces and walk for long distances without discomfort. Even occasional […]

Ten Things to Know About Pilates

1. You don’t need to be in shape to start. It works for every body. In fact, it’s a great way for individuals with serious physical limitations to get the best out of their exercise program. Pilates runs the gamut of meeting the needs of all individuals from professional athletes (Tiger does it!) to weekend […]

A Healthy Back Improves Your Game

A healthy back can make a big difference. If you are a sports enthusiast, a healthy back is a big plus. A common place for injury is the lumbar spine or low back. Building stability in the lumbar spine improves sports performance and keeps you from getting injured. All backs, regardless of medical diagnosis or […]

Beat Silent Inflammation with Good Nutrition

How I Beat Silent Inflammation with Good Nutrition. The last time I went for my annual physical, my doctor told me I had one of the lowest levels of myeloperoxidase (a marker of inflammation) he had ever seen. Then I ran across an article on what to eat to beat inflammation, and took a closer look. […]

Why I like Barre

I didn’t think I would, but I really like Barre. Every year as a certified pilates instructor, I have to take continuing education. This year the STOTT Total Barre program was offered and I signed up mostly to get my credits completed to keep my certification. They had me at the music. My mind flashed […]

Pilates and Weight Control

How your Pilates practice helps with weight control Teaches Mindfulness. Think about your eating and exercise habits. Good or bad, habits dictate the foods we eat and the regimens we follow for exercise. The mind is often absent while the body is busy eating. Pilates teaches the connection between the mind and body making it […]