We offer private and small group classes in equipment based Pilates.  Regardless of experience, we recommend starting with one or more private appointments. It helps us get to know your body and helps you get the most out of your pilates practice by learning appropriate modifications and equipment settings.

Clients requiring individual attention and assistance with the equipment throughout the work out are best served with private appointments. Clients seeking post-rehabilitation from injury or illness must take private sessions. We can help where physical therapy leaves off to regain and retain function of the spine and joints.

There is a maximum of six clients per class. When you are ready for a class, we will recommend one of the following depending upon your needs and abilities. If you have prior experience and feel comfortable booking directly into classes, use the descriptions below to select classes that best meet your needs. 


Restorative Pilates Classes

Restorative classes are for individuals that want to improve activities of daily living. We work to decrease pain and stiffness that occurs with walking, climbing stairs, household activities and the daily grind of carrying, lifting and transporting stuff. As we age, our soft tissue structures in the shoulders, spine, hips and knees need more care and pilates helps to keep these structures hydrated and moving smoothly.





Intermediate Pilates Classes

Intermediate Pilates classes are for individuals that want to improve strength and flexibility under the watchful eye of a trained Instructor. We cue form to move you toward restored posture to help heal nagging aches and pains. We provide modifications to help keep you safe and ensure you get the most out of your pilates practice. We help you manage the equipment to get the best settings and spring loads for your specific body and needs.




Athletic Conditioning Classes

Athletic Conditioning classes are for those individuals that are active and want to maintain posture, flexibility and strength. They want to fully enjoy the activities they love without pesky overuse injuries from too much play, sport or work. Instructors pay attention to the trouble spots in each individual providing cues and modifications where necessary to correct form and posture. Athletic Conditioning classes include jump board, barre–infused and advanced level options.



Our Studio is Private

We are not connected to a gym or other facility. We are conveniently located next to the Timonium Fairgrounds in a bright & sunny space with a boutique feel. Classes are fun and clients get to know each other.  It’s motivating to see the improvements in the way you look and feel and it’s fun to come and work out with new friends.  Join the experience – it’ll put a smile on your face!