What We Do

SDK Pilates is a boutique Studio offering private and small group classes in equipment based Pilates. Flexible scheduling, timely communication, talented Instructors and fun-loving community help you stay on track.

Many of our clients come to us looking for an answer to a bothersome body part that just isn’t performing up to snuff.

It could be that nagging pain in the shoulder when you try to raise your arms over your head. Or chronic back pain & stiffness that seems to take longer and longer to resolve in the morning. Or a cranky hip or knee that limits how far you can run or walk.

Pain and stiffness like the examples cited above frequently start in the fragile and sensitive soft tissue structures of the body. Commonly, this is the result of deterioration in our posture (such as rounded shoulders) and decreased strength & flexibility, which in turn, predispose to overuse injury.




Equipment based Pilates is uniquely suited to healing and restoring soft tissue injuries to return your body to its’ vibrant and youthful self.  Move freely and feel better.

Medically knowledgeable, we understand injury and orthopedic limitations.  We provide appropriate modifications and support props to help you get the most out of your Pilates practice.

In addition to equipment based Pilates in the Studio, we offer Instructors for off site mat pilates and yoga. We are available to teach at your facility – business, hospital, golf club or other establishment.  Please call Stephanie directly to book – 443.286.8440.



Get Started Now!

If you are new to equipment based Pilates, we ask all clients to start with an Introductory Private appointment.

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If you have experience with the reformer and are comfortable with the equipment, you may book directly into a class.

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We encourage all clients, regardless of prior experience, to start with a private appointment. It helps us get to know your body and helps you get the most out of your workout by learning appropriate modifications and equipment settings.

As we move through the exercise repertoire, we will assess the function of your spine, joints and fascia. If something is bothering you, we’ll take a closer look at your posture and movement patterns to see if we can make things better.

When you are ready for classes, we can help you find the one that is right for you.  Here’s a basic description of our class options.

✦ Restorative or Beginner Pilates: For clients that need help with activities of daily living (restorative) or are just returning to an exercise program and need to develop strength, flexibility and proper movement patterns.

Intermediate Pilates: This is our “bread and butter” class for clients that have some experience on the equipment and can manage their own settings. The Instructor assists with equipment changes when needed, provides appropriate modifications and gives individual attention to form.

Athletic Conditioning / Jumpboard / Advanced Pilates: For clients that are athletic and want to increase strength and flexibility. Classes are fast paced with challenging exercises that require balance and coordination.

Who We Are 

Stephanie Kafonek ~ SDK Pilates & Therapeutic Yoga

Stephanie Kafonek, MD – Owner

Stephanie is a retired medical doctor that has been helping clients relieve pain through Pilates since 2009. With an interest in injury and orthopedic limitations, Stephanie works with clients to restore the body and heal soft tissue injuries.  Her brand of Pilates is fascia focused to target the fragile soft tissue structures of the spine and joints. Taught in a supportive environment, classes are fun and therapeutic.

✦ Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor
✦ Therapeutic Yoga 500 Hour


Jessica Adams
✦ Balanced Body Fully Certified Instructor

Nancy Carlen
✦ STOTT  Reformer and Mat

✦ Power Yoga 200 Hour

Danielle Miller
✦ Balanced Body Reformer

Sandi Rubin
✦ Therapeutic Yoga 500 Hour

✦ Balanced Body Reformer

Mimi Somerville
✦ Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor

✦ Total Barre / Beyond Barre

Chandler Eldreth
✦ Balanced Body Reformer, Tower, Chair