Beat Silent Inflammation with Good Nutrition

How I Beat Silent Inflammation with Good Nutrition. The last time I went for my annual physical, my doctor told me I had one of the lowest levels of myeloperoxidase (a marker of inflammation) he had ever seen. Then I ran across an article on what to eat to beat inflammation, and took a closer look. […]

Pilates and Weight Control

How your Pilates practice helps with weight control Teaches Mindfulness. Think about your eating and exercise habits. Good or bad, habits dictate the foods we eat and the regimens we follow for exercise. The mind is often absent while the body is busy eating. Pilates teaches the connection between the mind and body making it […]

Eating & Exercise Road Rules for Healthy Habits

Healthy Habit Tips for Eating & Exercise Consume lean protein with every meal. There is compelling evidence that lean protein increases thermogenesis and increases satiety. More calories are burned when you eat protein because of the energy required to break it down compared to carbohydrates. Protein has positive affects on hormones that regulate appetite producing greater […]

Glycemic Index and Carbohydrate Consumption

Applying the Glycemic Index for healthy weight. Trying to eat “correctly” is confusing with all the books, articles and blogs on food and nutrition. But understanding some of the popular concepts that have a strong scientific basis can help you refine your eating choices to best suit your body and lifestyle. Glycemic Index (GI), initially developed […]

Feeling Tired? Eat Protein

Eat Protein to banish that sluggish and sleepy feeling. Foods high in sugar and carbohydrate often make us feel sluggish and sleepy. Until now, it was a well-known phenomenon without a good scientific explanation. Now science is catching up. A neuropeptide, called orexin, appears to play a role in modulating appetite. It’s also involved in […]

What is Clean Eating?

Eating clean is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle choice. Dieting as a way of life is not fun and it does not work. It’s a physical and emotional drain that robs us of a rewarding relationship with food. Clean eating can change the way you look and feel. If your meals do not supply […]

Healthy Weight ~ Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers ~ There is more to health than the numbers on the scale Everyone dreads the scale. Your weight in pounds is an important number but not the only one that counts for healthy weight. Here are a few more to help you fight the obesity epidemic. The BMI Know your Body Mass […]

The Power of Food

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The Power of Food ~ One of the great pleasures of life For many, food is one of the great pleasures of life. We are both fortunate and unfortunate to live in an age where highly palatable food choices are abundant, relatively cheap and within a hand’s grasp most of the time. How many offices and […]

Time to stop hibernating

Dropping Pounds as the weather gets warmer. I was chatting with one of our clients before class this week, and she mentioned that our bodies naturally tend to drop weight as the weather gets warmer. We are “programmed” to hold onto pounds in the winter and shed it in the spring. Wouldn’t it be nice […]