See original posts on SDK Pilates Facebook….   I have taken yoga and Pilates classes from Stephanie for many years, and I can say that she is terrific. Her background in physical medicine and rehab makes her uniquely qualified to instruct and coach with a focus in balanced strengthening, proper alignment, and prevention of injury. […]

kind words from Lee

SDK Pilates is really an incredible place! The owners/instructors (Brenda and Stephanie) are not just great instructors but they are gracious with sharing their wealth of knowledge about everything from nutrition to the skeletal system. The classes are small and have the same feel as a personal training session. We even get to request a […]

kind words from Rebecca

Looking for something challenging and new … If you are looking for something challenging and new, or simply looking to change, or add to your usual workout routine, I would strongly recommend trying pilates. I recently decided to add pilates into my workouts and I absolutely love it. It is an excellent way to either […]

kind words from Jill

Here’s a nice review from one of our clients… When I found LNK (about 14 months ago), I had been looking for a Pilates studio for over a year. I could only find gyms in the Baltimore area that offered inconveniently-timed classes and Yoga studios that offered 1-2 mat classes a week (no Reformer machines). LNK does Pilates and […]