Keep Your Knees Healthy

The Importance of Keeping Your Knees Healthy. We often take our health for granted and ignore early warning signs. The knee is no exception. When you keep your knees healthy allows us to easily get up and down from the floor, maintain balance on uneven surfaces and walk for long distances without discomfort. Even occasional […]

One Small Step

Post Surgery Progress I have been at therapy at Union Memorial (Bel Air Athletic Club) for two weeks now. When I think back to the first day there I realize the little I was able to do then as compared to what I accomplished today. My first time on the stationary bike was last Wednesday […]

Words, Exercise, Skype, Time, Sleep, Eat, Football, Ryder Cup

Post Surgery Update from Bill I have been home one week and the above items have kept me busy when I’m not exercising or icing my knees. It’s a good thing that all of them are available because otherwise I would be a nut case. Even though I tried to increase my range of motion […]

Beginning of a Brand New Day

Heading Home from the Hospital ~ An Update from Bill Sunday wasn’t just game day, it was I get to go home day. I was ecstatic to be going home so I wasn’t about to complain that morning in the hospital. This was the first time in my life I had had any narcotic in […]

No Matter How Many Things They Do – It Ain’t Like Home

Post Knee Surgery Updates I’m writing this from my room two days after the first knee replacement. I have had four therapy sessions so far and can now bend my knee at 79 degrees while sitting in a chair. I can walk comfortably with a walker and am ready to start on climbing stairs if […]

Sometimes you’re the windshield – Sometimes you’re the bug

Update from Bill I was ready to have my knees replaced in four weeks and figured I would do private Pilates with Stephanie & Brenda in order to really get my knees ready but then I went to throw away some items at the dump and picked up more than I should have or lifted […]